Feedback Specialist

As a 360º Feedback Specialist, Kim brings the skill of deep, active listening and a life’s purpose of helping people connect more deeply with themselves and others. A lifelong learner as well as facilitator, Kim runs two online leadership coaching groups to help leaders become more conscious in their life, relationships, and work. She also coaches and consults community builders one-on-one and in workshops settings.

As Head of Global Community at Consciousness Hacking, Kim coached leaders from 50 cities around the world to build teams and communities of their own. She designed curriculum and taught business communication at MissionU, and spearheaded Square’s first Sales/Business Development team as a top senior business development rep. She also helped San Francisco’s popular OneSalon grow from eight to 3000+ people, and has led communities like Sales Mastership, Connect, and various public speaking groups.

In a past life, Kim was a voice actor, Argentine Tango instructor/performer, psychology major, and financial analyst. She now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, training in martial arts and running several writing groups where people can be “alone together.”