30 Years of Research, Training, and Consulting

Learning as Leadership’s program has evolved from 30 years of empirical research, experimentation, facilitation, coaching and consulting. Originally developed by Claire Nuer and Sami Cohen, with subsequent significant contributions by Marc-André Olivier and Noah Nuer, the LaL methodology is aligned with and built upon the work of a number of other pioneers and researchers in related fields.

Influencing Academic Research

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Intrigued by the original and powerful concepts of this work, a number of scholars and researchers on the cutting edge of their fields have incorporated LaL’s methodology in their writing and research.

Moving into University Classrooms

Considered by many leading academics in business and psychology to be a uniquely transformative leadership program, aspects of LaL’s methodology have been taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School, Darden Business School and the University of Michigan and Ohio State University PhD programs in Psychology.

Research - University Classroom

Evergreen Research Process

The LaL methodology is a constantly evolving body of work driven by a think tank of researchers and practitioners. Drawing from participant insights, corporate consulting, interaction with other researchers and thinkers, as well as a demanding regimen of staff experimentation, the facilitation and design team are constantly sharpening LaL’s core tools and concepts to offer the greatest possibility for change and growth.

Some of our Collaborators of Note

Robert Kegan, PhD and Lisa Lahey, PhD, authors of “Immunity to Change.” Professor Maxie Maultsby, PhD, creator of the Rational Behavior Therapy. Peter Senge, PhD, author of “The Fifth Discipline”.