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Your organization’s culture has an almost invisible set of written and unwritten rules of how to survive and thrive. Some traits are essential to your success; others hamper creativity, collaboration and performance.

We have identified four chronic leadership dysfunctions that are present in every organization: conflict avoidance, Us vs. Them Dynamics, resistance to uncomfortable learning and tactical fire-fighting. Your people may be very busy, well-meaning, and talented — but they under-perform their potential in proportion to how pervasive these dysfunctions are in your culture.

Don’t send your employees to get “fixed,” however, because it won’t work. It doesn’t matter what you say, it matters how you act. Your people will proactively own their responsibility in problems, raise uncomfortable issues and ask probing questions in their performance reviews when you and your senior leadership have modeled it enough for them to feel safe doing so.

Organizational transformation happens from the inside out. As employees at every level of your company become personally aware of their ego-driven behaviors, and discuss them openly with each other, a more potent way of interacting, collaborating and contributing will emerge.

The paradox of cultural dysfunction is that everyone is both victim and accomplice. Your people probably believe the culture happens to them, even as they unwittingly play it out on others. They all crave something different, but lack the awareness, tools and collective commitment to make a sustained shift.

A culture of authenticity, inspiration and ego-free relationships will inspire your people to take risks, go the extra mile and surpass performance expectations. Time and again, we have seen how grateful people are when leaders create cultures that make that possible.

Lead the change down into the organization

Human beings are most receptive to change they see, not change they are told to make, and the higher you are in an organization, the more your behavior shapes the culture. Top management participates in our most comprehensive training because their leadership ripples throughout the organization. We offer lighter versions of our self-mastery tools as we go down into the ranks.

STEP 1 — Train the top leaders to be “Chief Learners”

The Ego Free Leadership Program enables senior management to understand the roots of their contribution to counter-productive cultural traits, develop a keen understanding of interpersonal dynamics and have the tools to consistently lead these situations differently.

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This program includes:

STEP 2 — Create a self-aware united middle management

Programs - Culture Change - WeLead LogoAlthough corporate environments are quite different, they are all limited by a common set of unproductive cultural traits. WeLead addresses the main ones: conflict avoidance, Us vs. Them dynamics, aversion to feedback and working tactically / fire-fighting.

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This program includes:

  • Session 1 – Raising Issues Constructively 3 Days
  • Session 2 – Making Others Good 3 Days
  • Session 3 – Embracing Learning 3 Days
  • Session 4 – Working Strategically 3 Days
  • 360º Feedback Written (1 round)
  • e-Learning Center

Step 3 — Instill a learning mindset deep in the organization

Programs - Culture Change - Spark LogoInspire the rest of your organization to create transparency and break down silos. Spark Your Mastery provides the heart of your organization with core tools and concepts to be part of the change. (Train the trainer is available.)

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This program includes:

  • Session 1 – Image Management (4 hours)
  • Session 2 – Beyond Being Right (4 hours)
  • Session 3 – Making Others Good (4 hours)
  • Session 4 – At The Source Goals (4 hours)