Lead from your best self

You have many strengths as a leader — yet sometimes you react poorly. You take charge when you should empower, get abrasive when you should listen, shut down when you could contribute. You know these tendencies get in your way, but they seem like hard-wired personality traits. Although these behaviors cannot be wished or willed away, they are learned — and can be unlearned.

Sharpen your sense of what sets you off and short-circuits your strengths. Personal Mastery teaches you to identify and work through the root causes of counterproductive behaviors, empowering you to change in ways you didn’t think were possible.

How you respond when life challenges you is the true test of leadership. Unfortunately, most of our weaknesses are reactions to stress — so they come out when we can least afford them. Imagine developing a powerful new mindset that allows you to deploy your full talents to your greatest endeavors.

Instead of being the one who inadvertently fuels the fire or disengages when others get off track, learn to rise above the fray to refocus conversations and energize people.


Bring a unique product to market, stretch yourself into new skills, mentor your team, leave a legacy… Conscious or unconscious, you have inspiring passions that too often get sidelined by the stresses of life and your ego’s ulterior motives.

When you master your unconscious ego drivers, you redirect your energy to your aspirations. Be guided, on a daily basis, by what you care most about.

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A CUSTOMIZED PROCESS: An LaL coach works with you to understand your context, behavioral and communication challenges, and overall growth opportunities (preferably informed by an LaL 360º Feedback Assessment). Your coach then supports you in the seminar to tailor our comprehensive self-reflection methodology to your needs. You will generate in-depth, personal self-awareness of what makes you tick, why you react — and how to show up differently. You surface these realizations with a diverse group of leaders forging their own insights, which gives you a non-threatening environment to grapple with your developmental needs.


2 Coaching calls before the seminar

An experienced LaL coach guides you through a self-assessment, helping you define developmental priorities. Sharing about your needs, personality, context and history helps create trust for a powerful collaboration.


9-day seminar

Become aware of your triggers and unproductive habits, and trace them back to their root cause. Acquire the tools to overcome your derailers, and practice leading from your highest self. This seminar is an unexpected, profound journey to self-mastery.


3 Coaching calls after the seminar

Translating your insights into day-to-day changes back home is where the rubber meets the road. Your trusted coach will nurture and challenge you as you work on your Areas For Improvement (AFIs).