Spark Your Mastery™ is a virtual program, designed to instill a mindset of self-awareness and collaboration across a broad organization. It introduces key LaL concepts and tools to cohorts of associates who work/partner together.

Each session in the sequence is a 6-hour virtual workshop (described below), delivered by an LaL facilitator and a producer. Each session is held approximately one month apart, with the whole program delivered in roughly a 6-month time frame. The program also includes a 2-hour Application Session ~ halfway between each workshop, with built-in teamwork, to take stock of learnings and support application of tools.

The Ego Free Leadership™ program provides tailored, in-depth development to senior management. WeLead™ inspires middle management to embark on your culture change journey. Spark Your Mastery offers a flexible and affordable way to share this common language and build a deeper cultural commitment to being a learning organization.

On-Boarding Session


This introductory class presents the concept of Ego-Awareness™. Participants will have their first experience with LaL’s self-reflection methodology and clarify what they want to work on in future sessions. Spark Your Mastery™ uses a cross-department cohort model, and this class is a unique opportunity for participants to begin to build trust and connection across the organization.

Session 1

At The Source Goals

People are their best when they are aligned with a sense of direction and inspiration. This class gives participants the chance to take stock of their goals in the workplace and beyond. Understanding their true motivations in any situation (their Objective vs. their Purpose) will enable them to act At The Source™. Participants will leave with a Goal Roadmap™ which includes Learning Edges, Milestones and Practices.

Session 2

Image Management

Participants will define their Desired and Dreaded Images™, understand how that drives behaviors, and explore the consequences on productivity, team trust, cultural effectiveness. Awareness of Image Management™ lays the groundwork for participants to identify their Ego Threats™, a crucial element in Sorting Pinches™ (see class 5) and reprioritizing the very At The Source Goals™ they have defined in the previous class.

Session 3

Beyond Being Right

How can we collaborate if we are always sure that our perception is reality and other people are in the wrong? How can we work effectively together if we cannot distinguish Facts from InterpretationsIn this session, participants will learn to identify their “frames” and unchecked assumptions in order to expand their view of reality and improve their ability to collaborate. The need to be right will be replaced by curiosity and partnership in the workplace.

Session 4

Making Others Good

What if, unbeknownst to us, we had a responsibility in whether others showing up as their best selves … or their worst? What if our beliefs and actions actually fed the behaviors we wish others to change. In this session, participants will discover how they get into unproductive Self-Fulfilling Prophecy with others, despite themselves. By identifying their responsibility in such dynamics they will learn to turn the situation around and Make [Each] Other Good™.

Session 5

The Pinch

What does it mean to be in a reactive vs. constructive state? How can we regain our center once we lose it? In this session, participants will learn to recognize when they are triggered and explore how being triggered affects their capacity to respond effectively to a given situation. Then, they will learn how to Sort Pinches™, a step-by-step process to reclaim the ability to address a situation from one’s best self.