Trained by pioneers in the fields of human development and organizational learning, the members of Learning as Leadership’s versatile facilitation team are committed to helping individuals and organizations leverage this methodology and bring their deepest aspirations to fruition. All have been implementing and practicing the tools of LaL in their personal and professional lives. A diverse background in business, the arts and academia allows them a multitude of perspectives for addressing personal and professional obstacles.

A highly acclaimed facilitator, Claire Nuer pioneered with her husband a powerful set of conceptual and practical tools for both work and personal life that benefited many American and international business, medical and academic leaders, as well as families and young people. She profoundly touched the lives of so many people through the work she did and the legacy she left, when she passed away on March 26, 1999. She continues to be a source of inspiration to many people on the LaL staff up to this day. (full description here)

Meeting Dr. Maxie Maultsby had a profound effect on the founders of the LaL methodology, who decided to invite him to intervene in a number of their workshops and to train their coaching team. Later, Maxie was invited to sit on the Learning as Leadership Academic Advisory Board until he passed away on August 28, 2016. His contribution to the field through his Rational Behavior Therapy was significant, but it is also the caring, dedicated, and witty man who will be missed. (full description here)

Lewis Harry Spence was an accomplished public servant and Harvard professor. After experiencing the impact of the LaL work for himself, both personally and professionally, Harry joined the LaL Academic Advisory Board, where he served until his passing in 2021. Harry was a wise and caring mentor to countless people, including the LaL leadership team. He started as a client, stepped in as a collaborator and became family. He is dearly missed. (full description here)