“I have a collection of individuals — I want a team.”

Your team is professional and effective … except for the posturing, infighting and factions. Is it just human nature, or is there another way?

Or perhaps your team is newly formed. Will you gel or will your egos get in the way? You want to start on the right foot.

Whatever your starting point, we’ll help you reach new levels of trust, mutual support and effectiveness so you can focus your energy on achieving extraordinary results!


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Team change starts at an individual level. Do you each know your strengths, weaknesses and how you contribute to unproductive team dynamics? Our unique 360º Feedback process guides you to look in the mirror and then be transparent with your team. Uncomfortable, perhaps, but incredibly liberating and productive.

› 360º Executive

It’s time to focus on your part instead of others’ — are you in?

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Be the change you want to see in your team. Your dysfunctions trigger your teammates’ dysfunctions and vice versa. As you become aware of your hot buttons, how to overcome them and how to bring forth your greatest contribution, you set the tone for the rest of your team. Included here:

› Personal Mastery Seminar
› 2 Pre-Seminar Coaching Calls
› 3 Post-Seminar Coaching Calls

Leadership happens at every level — who’s going to be the chief learner?

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As you and your teammates work on your respective areas for improvement, it opens the door to new levels of trust, transparency and collaboration. Apply the insights and tools you’ve acquired to forge constructive discussions about business, performance and team dynamics.

 360º Series (2 rounds)
 Personal Mastery Seminar
 Team Advanced Mastery Seminar
 14 Post Seminar Coaching Calls

A year is a minimum for those who are serious about their evolution.

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