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Ever witness a relationship become less and less productive, even spiraling down into antagonism?
What if you could ‘make each other good’?

MOG Cover Full BigLaL President Shayne Hughes tells of two directors in a large technology company whose conflict creates an Us vs. Them power struggle between their teams, delaying several products and hurting the company’s competitiveness – and how the resolution launched the company ahead of industry benchmarks.

This dynamic – what LaL calls “Making Others Bad” – is happening right now in every large organization in America. Whether it’s passive aggressiveness, criticizing, undermining or gossiping, this counterproductive behavior is why teams of very smart people can function below the sum of their collective talents.

Making Others Good identifies ten ways people Make Others Bad and why, as well as six steps to shift to Making Others Good – an organization’s greatest competitive advantage.

After 30 years of helping individuals, teams and organizations find ways to collaborate, reduce conflict and improve productivity and performance, Learning as Leadership shares a most powerful and transformative tool for shifting intractable relationships in Making Others Good.

Shayne Hughes Headshot SmallAuthor Shayne Hughes, President at Learning as Leadership, has worked with clients such as Fairchild Semiconductor, NASA, Sandia National Laboratories, Shell Oil, and Encore Capital to create cultures of open communication and collaboration. He has been featured in Harvard’s Du Bois Review,, NPR, Psychology Today, and The Huffington Post.

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