Unleash your team’s creativity and collaboration

This seminar is available to Personal Mastery graduates.

Teams attending Advanced Mastery are guided through a two-day team-building retreat to apply their insights and momentum to their most critical business challenges.

Reaching new heights requires surpassing our current capacity. Many leaders sense there is untapped potential in their team: greater performance, more fluid collaboration — another gear that would take them to the next level. The barriers vary from team to team: In some, there is open tension and ‘he said, she said’ triangulation; in others, overly cordial behavior masks an unwillingness to challenge each other.

Our executive coaches guide you and your team to recognize how you each contribute these dynamics. Learn to create a safe space in which even the most delicate performance gap or behavioral dysfunction can be discussed and addressed. Create the rare kind of trust and performance that comes from putting everything on the table while still having each other’s backs.

Between suboptimal collaboration and how we avoid what’s challenging, most organizations operate far below full effectiveness. It is not a question of doing more, but rather building a transparent and inspired work environment in which colleagues take the risk to acknowledge the real barriers impeding their success.

And why, really, do you and your colleagues come to work in the morning? Identify the strategic goals on the critical path of how you and your organization need to evolve. Explore why these priorities matter to your organization and your passion, and forge the buy-in to truly commit to the bold agenda of your future.

Many executives feel frustrated by interdepartmental turf wars or teams underperforming on key initiatives. This will only change when senior leadership recognizes how they unwittingly model or perpetuate the very cultural dysfunctions they would most like eliminated.

As you model productive straight talk and clarity of focus, you will grow in your ability to influence change. Team Advanced Mastery sets you and your team up to lead cultural transformation through WeLead and Spark, our onsite leadership and culture programs, which become your vehicle for bringing ego-free leadership to your broader organization.

UNPARALLELED TRUST: Advanced Mastery reveals how we avoid our most challenging work by targeting other team members and groups. Teams will immediately leverage this and other insights in this two day business retreat, forging frank, often unbelievably productive conversations about performance gaps, team dynamics and strategic direction. Create safety, clarity and buy-in regarding how your team will step up to achieve your most daunting business challenges.



4-day seminar

Break through the internal walls preventing you from doing your best work. Create powerful collaborations based on trust and mutual accountability. Unleash excitement. (Click for more)



2-day seminar

An LaL coach guides you and your team to apply the insights and tools you’ve acquired to deepen trust and alignment. Forge constructive discussions about business, performance and team dynamics.


3 Coaching calls after the seminar

Your trusted coach will help you anchor a learning mindset, which is key to your long-term self-improvement. Make your team breakthroughs expand over time until it becomes your natural way of interacting.