Effectively mentor your team. Be a strategic thinker or an inspiring public speaker. From managing the complexity of a large-scale project to creating a learning organization — why do so many leaders have the knowledge and skills, yet fall short in the implementation? What beliefs and mental models shape their reality and sense of what’s possible?

Individual behavior patterns impact management team dynamics and influence organizational culture and collaboration. Do you know what these tendencies are for you and your team, and how they affect your desired results?

Because Learning as Leadership’s methodology uncovers the root cause of behaviors and personality traits, it is extremely adaptive. Clients come from all walks of life with very diverse motivations. Below is a sampling of common needs and issues that our clients have transformed through our programs.

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Your Common Issues - Personal

Personal Development

Common Issues

  • Unwanted behaviors — procrastination, defensiveness, conflict avoidance, anger, …
  • Limiting “personality traits” — introvert, not a people person, disorganized, workaholic, …
  • Quiet the “not good enough” voice

Common Needs

  • Make a quantum leap towards my next level
  • More consistently access my full potential
  • Be guided by inspiration vs. driven by lack
  • Become a more empowered leader
Your Common Issues - Team

My Team

Common Issues

  • Mistrust, factions, interpersonal dynamics and personality conflicts
  • Artificial Harmony — we don’t hold up the mirror to each other
  • Have difficult conversations in a constructive way
  • Individual success comes before team endeavors — we’re not the sum of the parts

Common Needs

  • Build a high-performing team
  • We’re doing well, but we’re not ready for the difficult challenges ahead
  • We need to gel around a common vision
  • Greater trust and collaboration
Your Common Issues - Organization

My Organization

Common Issues

  • Silos, turf wars, poor collaboration
  • Weak “bench strength” in mid-management isn’t ready to replace retiring senior leaders
  • Limiting cultural tendencies: tactical firefighters, runaway politics, conflict avoidance, high workforce stress

Common Needs

  • Build an enterprise-wide mindset where departments optimize for the larger vision
  • Create a learning organization, thriving on candor, accountability and growth
  • Groom high-potential leaders for executive management
  • Cultivate a sense of purpose at every level of the organization

Learning as Leadership has innovated a conceptual framework and set of tools which teach participants to look beyond symptoms and appearances for the fundamental issues. The subsequent systemic solutions provide profound leverage towards achieving your full potential and goals (learn more on Our Core Concepts page).