From Egosystem to Ecosystem

Through experience and theoretical knowledge, you possess most of what it takes to be an inspiring, collaborative and effective leader. And yet sometimes you can be defensive, confused, angry, checked out…

Approach - Hot ButtonsThis is caused by your “Egosystem” — a constant, unconscious preoccupation with your self-worth. It has led each of us to accumulate limiting mental models, engrained dysfunctions and knee-jerk reactions (see Common Issues).

Through a unique, powerful process of self-discovery, learn to:
• Identify how your ego trips you up
• Build on this insight to lead from your best self
• Act on your most important aspirations

Learn to become an Ecosystem Leader.

Most leaders today feel driven — to measure up, to meet their numbers, to get ahead. This “performance anxiety” paradigm produces passable outcomes, but often at great cost to professional and personal relationships and an organization’s cultural health.

Leaders who learn to shift Egosystem-driven behaviors, individually and organizationally, empower their organizations to operate in an Ecosystem. Create an environment where employees feel inspired to invest their whole self at work, taking risks and owning responsibility.

Approach - EgoToEco

35 years of research and practical application in the field have evolved this methodology (see core concepts) into an unique and carefully architected set of programs whose results speak for themselves.

Our training is designed to be gently disruptive and deliver unexpected, powerful, long-lasting transformation. It is for people who take their development seriously.

Approach - SamAndClaire

Founders Sami Cohen and Claire Nuer