One year to create a revolution in your evolution

You’re striving to reach untapped potential. To build collaborative teams that perform with passion. To forge inspiring cultures where people innovate and care enough to go the extra mile. Learn to show up in any demanding situation as your best self, and grow this capacity in others. When we are not sidetracked by our ego, the sky is the limit.

Your leadership “derailers” and bad habits are not too ingrained to change. Take a year to uproot what limits you — and move beyond it.

No one wants to reflect back on their life and regret that they squandered their energy. So many leaders today feel stressed by a never-ending treadmill of deliverables — while simultaneously worrying they aren’t spending their time on what matters most. They are neither smelling the roses nor making their greatest contribution. While it feels like the outside world is doing this to us, our ego is actually actively involved. Learn how your zones of discomfort imperceptibly hijack your prioritization.

Enhance your ability to identify and step into what you are most called to contribute. Shift from focusing on accomplishing more to being intentional about where you devote your energy, how you approach your work, and how you involve others in the process. Develop both greater impact and peace of mind in your professional and personal life.

Over one year, we work with you each step of the way to break through to your next level.


Ego Free Leadership is not just about becoming a more effective, inspired, creative and authentic leader; it’s also about learning to create a context that empowers others to grow and to give their best. In doing this work with key colleagues who understand the same tools and share the same commitment, your capacity to create the culture you want grows exponentially.

As you change how you operate together, your key relationships will motivate and energize you in return, creating a virtuous cycle of productivity and inspiration.

POWERFUL BUILDING BLOCKS: Over a year, your coach will work with you each step of the way to break through to your next level. He or she will guide you to integrate your feedback, work with you in each seminar to tailor it to your specific needs and support you through bi-weekly calls to apply your insights to your real life challenges. This powerful combination of feedback, two seminars, and ongoing coaching will guide you to make irreversible improvements.


1-2 Coaching calls before Personal Mastery

An experienced LaL coach guides you through a self-assessment, helping you define developmental priorities. Sharing your needs, personality, context and history helps create trust for a powerful collaboration.


15 Bi-weekly coaching calls

Your coach will hold your feet to the fire, supporting you to actually implement your learnings from the seminars. He or she will be your ally as you make lasting progress on the business and life issues that matter the most.


First Round of 360º Feedback

Our unique, interview based 360º Feedback gives you a powerful, detailed synthesis of how you are perceived and how you impact those around you. Your coach carefully guides you through integrating the feedback and helps you build a clear vision of your key areas for improvement.
(More info on 360º)


4-day (individuals) / 6-day (teams) seminar

Break through the internal walls preventing you from doing your best work. (Full description). As a team, deepen trust and alignment through constructive discussions about business, performance and group dynamics. (Full description)


9-day seminar

Become aware of your triggers and unproductive habits, and trace them back to their root cause. Acquire the tools to overcome your derailers, and practice leading from your highest self. This seminar is an unexpected, profound journey to self-mastery. (Full description)


Second Round of 360º Feedback

What progress have you made? What is the next frontier of your leadership capacity? You and your trusted LaL coach will review this tailored, follow-up 360º feedback, celebrating your breakthroughs and focusing your ongoing growth. “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Cutting Edge Methodology

Our programs are considered by many leading academics in business and psychology to be uniquely transformative learning experiences.