Lara Nuer

Culture Change Partner
Senior Executive Coach
Senior Facilitator

Part of LaL’s core team of lead designers and facilitators, Lara’s strengths lie in her deep experience, empathy, intuition, non-judgmental approach and dedication to her clients’ evolution. For the past 20 years, she has coached three-star generals, astronauts, CEOs and other senior executives and management teams to address critical leadership issues and organizational challenges at NASA, NIST, Sandia, M&T Bank, LexisNexis, Capital One and numerous other organizations around the world. She is passionate about helping leaders overcome their obstacles, break out of long-standing, counterproductive patterns, develop trust and collaboration among their teams and lead culture change in their organizations. She is known for teaching old dogs new tricks.

The daughter of two pioneers of personal development in France, Lara has been breathing LaL’s programs since she was 14. Since attending the first workshop 30 years ago, Lara has been instrumental in the evolution of LaL’s methodology from its inception.

Lara is a graduate of the Rouen School of Business in France and a recognized Member Consultant of the Society for Organizational Learning. She has authored several articles in the International Society of Performance Improvement’s (ISPI) Performance Improvement publication. She is also a select member and speaker at the Stephen S. Weinstein Holocaust Symposium at Wroxton College where she is committed — through her involvement in international conflict resolution and post-Holocaust dialogue — to continuing her mother’s legacy of co-creating a context for humanity.

Raised in Paris, Montreal and San Francisco, Lara is fluent in French and English and is conversational in Spanish. She lives with her husband, LaL President Shayne Hughes, and their two young sons in San Rafael, CA.