Executive Coach

Liza Smalling is a mission-driven leader-turned-mentor and certified coach. Her motto is “Impact starts with I,” which speaks to her belief that each individual contributor has the power to produce exponential results. After sixteen years of managing teams in the private sector, she’s joined Learning as Leadership as an executive coach to serve clients in overcoming the barriers that stand in the way of their missions.

Liza understands the pressures and challenges leaders face as their organization evolves. Her professional experience centered around operations, leadership, and organizational development, and she has led them through crisis management, change management, and conflict management. Liza has developed a marked ability to support clients in closing opportunity gaps and creating lasting results.

Liza earned a BS in business management and an MA in organizational leadership. Over the years, Liza developed a passion for designing and implementing training curriculums. She is proud to have helped many improve their technical and soft skills.

Originally from Los Angeles, Liza has come to appreciate four seasons while living in New York City. She says there is a special something about the city that matches her energy. Being the youngest in her family and having fifteen nieces and nephews contributes to her maintaining her sense of awe and wonder. Whether it’s hopscotch or dodge ball, she can always be called upon when it’s time to play. On days when it’s too cold to go outside, she can be found practicing her Latin dance moves or curled up watching a documentary. Liza joined Learning as Leadership in 2021, a great addition to our excellent coaching staff.