Maxie Maultsby

Dr. Maxie Maultsby sat on the Learning as Leadership Academic Advisory Board until he passed away on August 28, 2016.
He is deeply missed.


Professor of Psychiatry and former Chairman
Department of Psychiatry
Howard University College of Medicine

Dr. Maxie Maultsby, Jr., Professor of Psychiatry and former Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Howard University College of Medicine, is an internationally recognized human behavioral scientist with a distinguished career in psychiatry for over 30 years. His contributions have mainly been in the field of Cognitive-Behavioral Medicine, a topic on which he has written numerous books and publications. His research produced a comprehensive Cognitive-Behavioral psychotherapy and counseling method, called Rational Behavior Therapy (RBT). His book by the same name is considered to be a classic in its approach to psychotherapy and counseling. Dr. Maultsby’s books are widely used by mental health professionals in all areas of personal and inter-personal conflict resolution, from family relations to successfully managing rapid corporate change. He received his bachelor’s degree from Talladega College and his medical degree from Case Western Reserve University, College of Medicine.