HGSE Faculty portraits.

The William and Miriam Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Educational Chair, Institute for Management and Leadership in Education
Co-director, Change Leadership Group

Robert Kegan is a psychologist who teaches, researches, writes and consults about adult development, adult learning and professional development. His work explores the possibility and necessity of ongoing psychological transformation in adulthood; the fit between adult capacities and the hidden demands of modern life; and the evolution of consciousness in adulthood and its implications for supporting adult learning, professional development and adult education. In addition to his faculty appointment at HGSE, Kegan serves as educational chair of the Institute for Management and Leadership in Education; as codirector of a joint program with the Harvard Medical School to bring principles of adult learning to the reform of medical education; and as codirector of the Change Leadership Group, a program for the training of change leadership coaches for school and district leaders. Kegan, a licensed clinical psychologist and practicing therapist, lectures widely to professional and lay audiences, and consults in the area of professional development. “I have been told,” he says, “it may help to know that I am also a husband and a father; influenced by Hasidism; an airplane pilot; a poker player; and the unheralded inventor of the ‘Base Average,’ a more comprehensive way of gauging a baseball player’s offensive contributions.”


  • Honorary Doctorate of Letters, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology,(2002)
  • Honorary Doctorate of Letters, Marywood University,(2000)
  • Honorary Doctorate of Letters, State University of New York,(1997)
  • Honorary Doctorate of Letters, University of New Hampshire,(1995)
  • Teacher of the Year, Massachusetts Psychological Association,(1992)
  • Faculty Service Award, National University Continuing Education Association,(1987)
  • Spencer Research Fellowship,(1982)


Email contact: Robert Kegan < robert_kegan@gse.harvard.edu >