Sami Cohen

Senior Facilitator

Sami co-founded Learning as Leadership (LaL) and originated the LaL methodology with his late wife, Claire Nuer, over 30 years ago. Sami designs and facilitates LaL’s public programs, and has taught thousands of people around the world how to shift mental models, behaviors and stereotypes to build healthy and productive personal lives and professional organizations. As an industrial engineer and retired CEO of a French company, Sami draws upon his extensive operational experience in supporting participants to concretely implement the LaL tools in the workplace.

He has been a recognized Member Consultant of the Society for Organizational Learning and a Board Member of the World Business Academy.

Sami continues to conduct leadership seminars in Europe and is working on a book on the LaL methodology with an eminent psychology scholar.

Sami’s known for his warm and insightful style. He is most passionate about helping others create long-lasting change and reconnecting with their true selves so that they can live in the present moment, have more rewarding relationships and be more creative problem-solvers.

Born in Cairo, Sami grew up in France, studied engineering in Canada and is now based in Switzerland, dividing his time between Europe, the US, the Caribbean and India.