Instill a learning mindset
in your department or company.

360º Organizational is designed to give each employees the necessary tools and concepts to constructively analyze their feedback. It provides them with:

their own individual 360º written assessment
one-on-one coaching
two 2-day onsite classes

360º feedback can easily be misinterpreted or taken personally, and when applied to a large group, even lead to negative backlash within the organization.
LaL’s 360º Organizational process goes the extra mile to ensure that each employee feels empowered and motivated to constructively address their areas for improvement – and that the organization benefits as a result.
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Our coaches help participants one-on-one to identify their motivation in receiving feedback and to take responsibility for their development.

Once the 360º Feedback is collected, the participants gather for an onsite class to review their feedback and discover tools to be in a learning stance with it.

The participants subsequently get one-on-one coaching support to put practices into place and make progress on their feedback.

In the second on-site class, participants discuss their developmental plans and progress to date in teams.