Debra Meyerson, PhD

LaL’s approach to systemic change through personal development is unique in its depth and potential for transformative learning. By midway through the Personal Mastery seminar I had constructed a mirror that provided an undeniable reflection of the patterns of my life, the motivations that drive these patterns and — most painfully — the costs of these patterns to myself, my relationships and others in my life. It took time to construct this mirror and even more time to internalize, and really feel its implications. Yet this was essential. My reflection became a powerful engine for change — an engine typically absent in other approaches to change.

The next step focused on creating an alternative compass: new motivations, goals and practices that formed a framework for breaking through old ego‐driven patterns.

The seminar helped me turn some important corners in my life and change the texture of my daily interactions. It was a gift to myself and to my family. I have since recommended LaL to many of my closest colleagues and friends.