Jeremy Seligman

Of all my personal and professional development opportunities, my experience with the work of LaL ranks as perhaps the most powerful and effective of any I have done in more than four decades.
Through LaL, I got in touch with my deeply established patterns, avoidance schemes and the roots of my major issues that have been holding me back. I was able to put together a systems map of these patterns that allowed me to see the entire mechanism in operation so I’ve been able to move from insight to action in a way that previously proved elusive.
The LaL staff engendered my trust in their process by showing that they are fully involved in doing the work themselves. I saw little of the “sage on the stage” approach; instead, I heard an invitation to participate together into an inquiry into our shared human condition. Typically, an issue that was up for examination was illustrated by a staff member working through a recent encounter or present issue of their own. The sense of vulnerability and exploration was palpable throughout the staff, from the leaders to the assistants.
Already, I and those closest to me have noted the benefits that this work has brought to my life and my community. I am looking forward to what continued immersion in this work may bring.