Ralph Stefano

Getting honest feedback coupled with patient, experienced coaching and being with my peers in the intensive yet relaxed setting of the LaL workshop were key to improving the person I bring into work. LAL’s work with our organization, especially our senior team, has been clearly effective. We brought to LaL a new and somewhat fractured team that was at the early stage of a set of important initiatives. We were able to explore our group and individual strengths and weaknesses in an honest and fearless way, and develop a plan of improvement.

LaL has transformed our culture, starting with a strong commitment from our management team. We’ve made it easy and safe to ask for and give honest, constructive feedback, and we’ve added the category of relationship behavior to our performance reviews because that has become a priority for us. It’s helped us get more done with less stress.

We’ve learned how to take the risk out of confrontation by bringing issues to the surface in a way that doesn’t make people wrong. We have difficult conversations without them being difficult anymore. Thanks to LaL, in the last five years, our organization has successfully expanded with a lot less drama than would have been the case without their great work.