One year to create a revolution in your evolution

You’re striving to reach untapped potential. To build collaborative teams that perform with passion. To forge inspiring cultures where people innovate and care enough to go the extra mile. Learn to show up in any demanding situation as your best self, and grow this capacity in others. When we are not sidetracked by our ego, the sky is the limit.

Your leadership “derailleurs” and bad habits are not too ingrained to change. Take a year to uproot what limits you, distracts you or makes you unproductive — and move beyond it.

Ego Free Leadership will give you powerful insight and tools to reach new heights.


No one wants to reflect back on their life and regret that they squandered their energy. So many leaders today feel stressed by a never-ending treadmill of deliverables—while simultaneously worrying they aren’t spending their time on what matters most. They are neither smelling the roses nor making their greatest contribution. While it feels like the outside world is doing this to us, our ego is actually actively involved. Learn how your zones of discomfort imperceptibly hijack your prioritization.

Enhance your ability to identify and step into what you are most called to contribute. Shift from focusing on accomplishing more to being intentional about where you devote your energy, how you approach your work, and how you involve others in the process. Develop both greater impact and peace of mind in your professional and personal life.

Over one year, we work with you each step of the way to break through to your next level.

Ego Free Leadership is not just about becoming a more effective, inspired, creative and authentic leader; it’s also about learning to create a context that empowers others to grow and to give their best. In doing this work with key colleagues who understand the same tools and share the same commitment, your capacity to create the culture you want grows exponentially.

As you change how you operate together, your key relationships will motivate and energize you in return, creating a virtuous cycle of productivity and inspiration.

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360º Reveal

7-8h in call time

This first round of LaL’s unique 360º Feedback gives you a detailed, individualized, actionable evaluation of how you are perceived and how you impact those around you.

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Personal Mastery

9-day seminar

Lay out and understand all your derailleurs to your strengths and goals: how they work, where they come from, how to overcome them. This seminar is an unexpected, profound journey to self mastery that will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and tools that you will want to apply right away to your life.

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Advanced Mastery

4-day seminar (for individual)
6-day seminar (for teams)

You have come such a long way. Break through the remaining walls getting in the way of you doing your best work. As a team, deepen trust and alignment using the tools to have constructive discussions about business, performance and group dynamics.

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360º Evolve

2h in call time

Getting a sense of progress is essential to sustainable growth. In this second-round LaL 360º feedback, 10 months down the line, we’ll follow up with your feedback partners and interview them about the evolution they have seen and the impact it has made on them.

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Coaching helps to make sense of the content of the feedback and engages you to own a clear vision of your key areas for improvement. You leave inspired to consciously work toward your next level while building on your strengths.

Your trusted LaL coach is available for you through every important moment of your seminar experience. Post-seminar, invaluable coaching will continue to help you translate your insights into daily changes back home. This is where the rubber meets the road.

More than ever, the coaching is keeping your focus on the changes you want to make and helping you put into practice your intentions. This is the point when everything starts coming together thanks to the accumulated insights and dedicated practice you have been supported on.

The coaching supports you to recognize progress and target the remaining places that still need attention.

On-Going Coaching

Bi-weekly coaching calls for a year




Powerful Combination

Throughout a year of self-exploration, bi-weekly coaching will help you through the unexpected turns of work and life, keep your feet to the fire and inspire you to show up as your best self. The recurrence of the two seminars will help you go that much deeper and the feedback will give you a clear sense of your progress. Only with that focus and dedication will you create long-lasting change.

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Cutting Edge Methodology

Our programs are considered by many leading academics in business and psychology to be uniquely transformative learning experiences.


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