Andrew Mahtaney

WeLead has been a truly formative team experience. Even though I thought I really knew my team and we had an open candid environment, it was through WeLead where I really realized what that meant. Going through the course and it’s modules such as giving feedback to each other in an open and live setting has brought our team together in a way that wouldn’t have happened without it and the results are pretty incredible. We have built a lot of trust in each other – trust to give each other candid, direct, and honest feedback. This has been important in cutting through the interpersonal issues that create negative energy on our team. Most importantly is we have trust that we won’t get it right all the time, but that we come from a place of caring so we can always assume the most positive of intent. This last point is what allows you to take a big swing and be ok with less than perfect – and that’s really special.