Andrew Mahtaney

From attending The One Year Program (a.k.a., EgoFree Leadership program) with my boss and peers to now doing WeLead with my team and overall 90 of us, the experience has been unlike any other. While I’ve had leadership coaches over my career, none were as direct and thought provoking as the LAL frameworks are. An example of this is a situation I encountered years ago in which I became very frustrated – an old coach of mine explained my frustration in that situation in a way that made sense to me, but wasn’t the real issue (only to be realized later). Years later, when reflecting on this situation with the LAL team, I realized it was my ego that was hurt which ultimately led to my frustration. While an old scenario, understanding it was a true unlocker as I could build the pattern recognition of similar experiences and identify my usual negative response. It was through this understanding that I have made a true more meaningful shift in my approach vs. a surface level of change through previous coaching.