Brandon Black

At our company, the top 20 leaders have gone through their executive program and we have cascaded the methodology down to another 100 or so leaders through their in-house program, called WeLead. The results are embedded in our financial returns, which have been quite strong despite the industry and macroeconomic headwinds. I’m realizing more and more how key business challenges are fraught with people issues, unacknowledged performance gaps and long-standing silos. Our partnership with LaL has led to the dissolution of a number of difficult “Us vs Them” dynamics, namely between IT and Operations and between different parts of our Collections business, a very significant uptick in our employee engagement numbers over four years ago and numerous unsolicited comments from new hires about the unprecedented openness in our culture compared to their previous organizations.

All this is without mentioning the deep satisfaction I’ve gotten from investing in my team in a way that really makes a difference in their lives. An employee once wrote me an unsolicited note some time back:
‘I want to genuinely thank you for investing in me and providing me with the LaL opportunity. In my opinion, it was the most impactful personal experience that I’ve had since my time in the Marines. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’m working really hard to incorporate what I’ve learned into my daily life. I am implementing a number of things that I would have never done prior to LaL. I will work hard to leverage the experience to its fullest.’
In summary, both from personal experience and seeing the benefits for my team and the company, I highly recommend LaL.