Brian Hickey

Receiving LaL’s executive 360º feedback assessment was hugely powerful. The depth of the interviews with my feedback partners and their examples of my counterproductive behaviors were so clear and well-meaning that I really couldn’t deny there were areas for me to improve. The 360 put me in a more receptive mindset to making the changes I’ve really needed.

Thanks to Personal Mastery, for the first time in many, many years I thought about what inspires me, what is my purpose… Armed with this new information. I have become much more effective in relationships at work and at home. Little things like listening more carefully and seeking to understand another point of view rather than moving to conclusions too quickly, have created for me a more peaceful life while increasing my effectiveness at work.

Team Advanced Mastery materially altered the way our team interacts. We’re more honest, authentic and respectful, have a common language and a shared understanding of each other and new tools that make it safe to communicate different opinions. Conflicts now lead to better relationships! It’s easier to be at work facing the extraordinary stressors of our industry.