Roy Bridges

I have had many opportunities during my 48-year career for personal development and growth. Several years ago when I embarked upon the most recent such program (LaL), you might have thought I shouldn’t have a lot to learn about myself or leadership, but you would be wrong. LaL is one of the most effective programs for leaders at all levels that I have ever experienced in my career. When my NASA Langley Research Center leadership team and I were facing the huge challenge of a 50% budget cut, many of us began LaL’s program to help us work together more effectively. Simultaneously during this challenging experience, my daughter was bravely fighting a battle against cancer that she eventually lost. I’ve never been through a rougher time in my life. The difference that LaL made was simply phenomenal. LaL helped me come through this very difficult time whole and successful in keeping my family together while leading a team that succeeded with the most difficult challenge they had ever faced.