Kim Li Spencer, MD

As a practicing obstetrician/ gynecologist with a good job, a very supportive and loving spouse and two small children, defining a path for my life is something that I had never really done consciously, in spite of all my so‐called personal and professional success. Somehow, careful scrutiny of my past experiences and behavioral patterns in the challenging, but safe and supportive environment provided by LaL, enabled me to feel transformed. My relationship to and communication with my patients and colleagues has dramatically improved.

My spouse and I have a depth of understanding that simply would not have been possible had we not attended the LaL seminars together. It has resulted in a much deeper level of commitment. I am clearer about what I really want for my children, have gained some measure of control over my finances and have become more involved with my community.
I am better able to support those I care about.

This is the result of a total of two seminars and four months of coaching. I have regained my time & money investment many times over.