Why do our clients LOVE receiving feedback?!

At Learning as Leadership, January is an intensive month for delivering 360° feedback to the participants coming to the February Personal Mastery workshop.

I personally love this feedback delivery process and I think that, despite an understandable apprehension, our participants love it too.

Why? As I mentioned in my previous blog about the gift of communication, it’s not because we coaches enjoy dumping a list of Counterproductive Behaviors (CPBs) or constructive criticisms on our participants. No, it’s because through the coaching-delivery process, we address something intriguing and meaningful for people: the gap between who we want to be/who we are, and what we actually do.




Articulating this gap is motivating because we reconnect with who we truly are and our good intentions. Our Counterproductive Behaviors often come from our good intentions being hijacked by our ego-drivers. Uncovering this confusion is in fact relieving: it means that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with us and exploring our ego becomes a lever to change our behaviors. Overall, the feedback delivery process is empowering instead of threatening. That’s why I believe our participants LOVE it!

What is your experience with the feedback process?


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