Five Things Bosses Fear to Say that Would Help

indexBy Shayne Hughes

The work we do at LaL is a daily reminder that many well-intentioned leaders have it backwards when it comes to motivating employee engagement and productivity. It’s not as much about rigid structures, stiff upper lips and knowing it all. The research shows that employees tend to respond more to authenticity, caring and, dare we say it, vulnerability. In my second article for The Good Men Project, I talk about five things bosses fear to say to their direct reports that, if they found the courage to, would help morale. Even if they just said one of these things, it could noticeably shift their relationships. If they did all five, they could improve their organizational culture – and the bottom line.

Read “Five Things Bosses Fear to Say that Would Help Morale” here.

  1. You are so right. In the rapidly changing 21st century workplace, we need adaptability, respond-ability and the soft skills of empathy, inspiration and encouragement. People at work are no longer cogs in a hierarchical machine. We need to connect, human to human. This way we bring the best out in everybody.

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