3 Leadership Dysfunctions That Could Be Costing You Millions

CEMagBrandon Black, the former CEO of Encore Capital, was a client of LaL’s for several years while he struggled to grow the company in a challenging industry — debt collection. Brandon teamed up with his coach, LaL President Shayne Hughes, and the LaL team to change the culture of Encore, starting at the top. This was no easy task for Brandon, but once he could finally look at himself in the mirror and admit his own contribution to the company’s dysfunctions, he realized that some of the most important work he had done was uncovering his blindspots: “It’s the stuff you don’t know you don’t know that will take you down.”

That insight was the impetus for Shayne’s great new article in Chief Executive Magazine on three serious leadership problems CEOs may not know they have — and can cost their companies millions of dollars if left unchecked.

Shayne and Brandon are co-authoring the forthcoming book, The Leader, the Ego and the Organization, about that personal and organizational transformation that catapulted Encore to the top of its industry.

Read “3 Leadership Dysfunctions that Could Be Costing Your Company Millions” here.


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