Welcome to the new LaL Blog!

Welcome to LaL’s blog! We spend a lot of time with our seminar participants telling them to be open to experimenting with life. Being willing to experiment makes it so much easier to try new things. It can help us disconnect from the need for a certain outcome, to instead concentrate on the process. Its a way to live life.

Here, we intend to experiment. You can expect to see posts about our upcoming seminars and other events. But you will also find posts from the staff sharing our own learnings. We’ll include links to some of our personal projects that we want to share with the world, as well as links to other resources we think you will find of interest. We’ll share some case studies, videos and audio from our seminars over the years. And probably some other things we haven’t even thought of yet.

Please comment freely and often and share your own experiences and insight. We see this as a joint experiment with all of you. We invite you along for the ride.

  1. Robin says:

    I appreciate your personal example. I have a couple of goals that have been knawing my mind for some time. pretty sure there’s some fear involved, though i’ve not reflected too deeply. your post inspires me to delve deeper and take stock. i’ll keep you posted. and thank you.

  2. Maru says:

    wow…thank you, thank you THANK YOU!
    you can’t imagine how helpful these posts have been!

  3. Shayne says:

    Maru and Robin,

    Thank you both for your comments. I’m really hoping to be practically useful in my posts — otherwise, why bother? If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to comment with a question or difficulty. It’ll push me to offer something additional that could be helpful to others as well.

    Remember, we can’t break out of our ego prison on our own. This is a collective liberation thing!


  4. Happy says:

    1: I believe that cluture does in fact play a major role in how you perceive the world. For example, there is a video where a little Islamic girl named Basmallah was taught to recite teachings of Radical Islamic Fundamentalists. She was taught to believe that Jews are Allah’s enemies, therefore they are our enemies. She was taught to believe that Jews are pigs and that they will never see the light of Heaven. She was only 3 years old at the time this video was taken. This shows just how much our cluture can affect our views on the world and the people who inhabit it. You can be taught to see the good in people, or you can be taught to see the bad in people.2: I believe that a stoic or emotionless state of mind will best aid in seeing the world with the greatest clarity. Reasoning and logic, I believe, are probably the most reliable ways to view the world (although it is certainly limited by human flaws). Emotions can easily manipulate your rational thinking into something irrational (like kids who wear their sister’s pants and have that one huge bang of hair and wear black who scream at their parents just because they don’t understand , even if the parents DO understand but the kid is too preoccupied with his angsty bullcrap to see things clearly). Seeing the world in the least subjective state possible (because it is not possible to completely let go of our biases) is probably the best way to live our lives, because that perspective of life allows us to see MOST (not all) of our errors in thinking and perceiving.

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