Goals and Core Issues

In peeling the onion, we discover that our most challenging endeavors are only answers to deeper issues. Identifying these underlying motivations allows us to adapt our strategy when these core issues evolve.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

How my beliefs and expectations about myself and others influence the behavior and performance of people around me.

Next Level

How do I need to stretch myself in the coming year in order to make the highest impact in all areas of my life? A visioning tool.

The Mattress

Preventive actions that we unconsciously take for fear of ailing – and that actually compromise our ability to succeed. For example: sandbagging and limiting my results because of it.


Familiar way of behaving that is an automatic response to an unidentified anxiety, producing unwanted consequences. For example: getting angry, shutting down, procrastinating, …

At the Mercy / At the Source

A different approach to the usual “lose-lose” situations. For example: either I tell it like it is and get reactions from others, or I stay silent and let things fester. Finding the starting point “At the ...

Shayne Hughes – P03 The Nature of Goals and Their Impact

#3 out of a 3-part podcast series by LaL President Shayne Hughes: The quality of our goals impacts whether we feel anxious, driven or inspired. Unfortunately, our by-default goals take us out of the present moment, limiting our ...