Fully grasp the impact of your strengths and weaknesses; move from “I should improve” to “I’m inspired to grow”.

A Different Breed of 360° Feedback

Hundreds of senior leaders from dozens of organizations have found Learning as Leadership’s 360º feedback to be a powerful ally in developing leaders to their next level and sparking culture change.

Learning as Leadership’s unique approach relies on in-depth interviews by trained specialists – not a standard survey of competencies – resulting in a precise, genuine, and powerful map of your development opportunities.

Unique Collection Process

Unique Delivery

Unique Follow-Up

Select your 360° Feedback

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Professional Feedback

Select 8 feedback partners from different areas of your life to offer their unique perspective on your strengths, areas for improvement and business or personal challenges. The observations are synthesized into essential themes echoed throughout the different interviews.

A feedback specialist then delivers the report to you over several calls, helping you make sense of the results. You work with your coach to integrate your feedback with your own self-assessment.

This high impact assessment is a good choice for middle managers and leaders in less complex business or personal environments.

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Executive Feedback

The Executive Feedback delves deeper into the demanding requirements of complex leadership roles. It involves at least 10 lengthier feedback interviews, and includes sections on team dynamics, collective business challenges & organizational cultural traits.

Your executive coach then delivers the feedback to you in a series of coaching calls, helping you analyze the results and define your priority areas for improvement.

This option is highly recommended for CEOs, executives, and senior leaders who manage several layers of direct reports and/or respond to a multitude of stakeholders.


360° Organizational

Create a learning mindset in your entire department or company.

It’s hard for feedback to be a source of actual change. People can be reluctant to offer substantive feedback. And when they receive constructive criticism, they often react negatively, or ignore it, or feel powerless to change. You want your people to hear the difficult message, but not walk around feeling angry and offended.

We created this multi-layered program of 360º assessments, coaching and onsite training to give a taste of how honest feedback and transparent development discussions can be empowering. More information here.

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96% would HIGHLY recommend

LaL’s 360º feedback.

95% found LaL’s 360º feedback

EXTREMELY helpful.


Learning as Leadership’s 360º Feedback process is available as a stand-alone service or as an integral component of the LaL suite of programs. If you’re looking for a true “revolution in your evolution,” consider combining 360º Feedback with our Personal Mastery workshop or our comprehensive one-year leadership training program: Ego-Free Leadership.

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