How to Create Balance in Our Life

I’m lucky because my life is very balanced…

Of course, it’s not the kind of balance that I want. Like most of us, I want harmony and peace of mind at work and at home.

Creating balance in life is about making choices (small and big) that serve: 1) our higher purpose; 2) our intellect; 3) our heart; and 4) our body and material reality.

Is there a tip to create balance?

I don’t have one. But spending some time to reflect on the quality of our thoughts, emotions, communications and actions, on what gives us energy, what doesn’t, what are the structures that we need, the ones we don’t, where do we need to take risks, where do we need to slow down, where we are at the mercy of how we need to be perceived… all of that is indispensable to make the right choices and be on the path of a sustainable life. That’s what we do in our Time & Mastery seminar.

Is your life balanced? Do you have best practices to share?

  1. Ian Curtin says:

    Actually, everything you suggest is a great tip. In reflecting on the questions you pose, I would put my answers in one of two columns:

    What contributes to balance?


    What does not?

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