Is your Hero’s Journey guiding your Leadership Development?


“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

As I watched the documentary, Finding Joe, in the theatre Saturday evening, swirling emotions gripped me.

  • A sense of acknowledgment that, at so many points during my life, I have taken the leap of faith that Campbell describes by pursuing a scary call to change;
  • The unsettling realization that here I am today, yet again, at the edge of such a cliff, afraid to let go of what I know in order to strive for what I want;
  • And profound inspiration, that Patrick Takaya Solomon, a commercial filmmaker who did 4-Mastery five years ago at time when he was quite off track in his life – was now a model for me of bold commitment to making a difference for others.

Joseph Campbell was a student of the world’s different religions and philosophies and uncovered that buried within them all were recurring truths from disparate cultures. Deep in our psyche lies a story we all dream of: letting go of our fears, inner barriers and security blankets, and bringing our fullest self to our life. Taking the risk to create what we most desire.

In this fluid and visual film, Pat Solomon has distilled Joseph Campbell (and provocative themes very aligned with our Personal Mastery seminar!) into 83 minutes of insight. I left feeling energized and inspired, and reconnected to the big picture of my life.

I wanted to pass this on in case it comes to a theatre near you. (And since it’s a documentary, you may need to nudge your local theatre to do a screening.) But in a world where too often the ‘Egosystem’ runs rampant, we need to support those endeavors that bring a more constructive and inspired state of being to our lives. Finding Joe is that.

Thank you, Pat.

Author’s Note: I am permitting myself to “promote” this documentary because this film is aligned with Learning as Leadership’s mission of helping people transform themselves and their surrounding context by breaking free from their ego.
  1. Marc-Andre Olivier says:

    Last week I had lunch with a stranger. I asked him how he was so radiant and he talked about a lifetime as a heating technician struggling with drug addiction, trying to make ends meet between rehab. Finally at the end of his last rehab, at 49 he decided to leave the security of his career and finally go for the passion that he had been afraid to follow until then: music. Life had been magical ever since, drug and struggle free. 6 – 7 years of bliss …

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