Making Business Personal Pays Off

imagesBy Shayne Hughes

We love to see research that highlights how working on ourselves as leaders is the highest act of leadership. Harvard Business Review recently published an article by some of our favorite people in the field of behavioral change.

Harvard Graduate School of Education professor Robert Kegan and lecturer Lisa Lahey, authors of Immunity to Change, are studying how integrating the personal growth of employees into daily work can support a company’s competitive advantage. Kegan and Lahey, with whom we’ve collaborated and have attended each other’s programs, reveal the practices of two of the most outstanding deliberately developmental organizations. One, Decurion Corporation, has sent a number of senior executives through our leadership seminars. If you’ve been through a recent seminar, you probably recall some Decurion cohorts.

Kegan and Lahey concluded that business success and employee development are not only not mutually exclusive, they are, in fact, interdependent. Yet another great reason to invest in yourself (and your team) as a leader.

Read the article here.



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