What Male Leaders Desperately Want

Learning as Leadership’s work is more than just teaching executives to be effective in their leadership, or to build high-performing teams and cultures. It’s about supporting men and women in positions of weighty responsibility to let go of their Egosystem and rediscover their humanity. This makes them far more inspiring and trusted leaders, allows their organizations to flourish in unexpected and innovative ways.

LaL’s Laura Gates has been coaching senior leaders on this for close to two decades. In her Good Men Project blog post, “What Male Leaders Desperately Want”, she shares about the part of her work that her clients are most grateful for: the safe harbor.

In this place of healing — dare I use that word in a business context? — leaders can let down their guard and nourish their desire to make a difference through their work. Such leaders create a different context around them and help unleash the tremendous creativity and desire for collaboration within us all.


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